SA58 fixed and folding stock

SA58 fixed and folding stock

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What is the correct shoulder stock configuration for the SA58 for infantry and armored crew personnel? I have an abundance of folding stock VZ58 stocks and maybe 8 or so Bakelite fixed stocks. Currently I have about 8 SA58 rifles complete with 4 cell magazine pouches, bayonets, and tools. Each of these are fitted with folding stocks but I have enough extra fixed stocks to install on these weapons to convert them to fixed stock configuration.

For my display, I am curious if I should leave them with the folding stock or install the fixed stock. I understand that a Jesterka crew was armed with four CZ-26 submachine guns but I have also seen some photos of crew members with SA58 rifles. Would the SA58 be acceptable to use in the impression and if so should I keep the folding stocks installed or replace them with fixed stocks?
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