PLDvK 53/59 Jesterka parts

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PLDvK 53/59 Jesterka parts

Příspěvekod z archivu » 21 zář 2014, 10:44

Dear members, in addition to the helmets that I need in this thread I also am in need of several small parts for my Jesterka. Most of the parts are regular PV3S parts but some are specific to the Jesterka.

I have tried and tried to no avail to purchase parts for my truck through the various dealers there in the Czech Republic but none seems to want to sell me anything except a whole vehicle!!!!! :o

I need these parts............

I need 1 fuse box cover. I have this one pictured but am missing the other. These are for the 8A fuse boxes under the console. I have no idea what these cost but I would not think more than $1.00 USD or so. ... EED004.jpg

I need at least 3 spare fuel filters. These are regular PV3S felt filters and should not cost very much, I think they are $5.00 or $10.00 USD last time I checked. You can only wash these several times until they are unusable. I have a temporary home made one at the moment that works but I need a few of these and they are plentiful in the Czech Republic. ... 070642.jpg

I need 6 new or good used brake actuator dust boots (pictured below). As you know the Jesterka is only an armored PV3S and all of the running gear is regular PV3S so these should be quite plentiful. In fact I found a vendor who had them in stock for around $4.00 USD each but he would not ship to the U.S. :( ... itled2.jpg

The warning light lenses on my instrument console are scratched up and some are missing. I would like to find a new set of plastic lenses for the console. The regular PV3S has 5 lights, the Jesterka has 10 lights. These are very inexpensive parts. ... tled-5.jpg

I need four 4 green lenses for the lights on Skříňka střelce. Price is inexpensive as above. ... e049-1.jpg

If a good canvas gun cover can be found I would like one. This will probably be an expensive part because I can not find any for sale. I need this cover when I install the 30mm guns and drive to a show. It also completes the display. ... DvK/02.jpg

I need the grease head that fits the button head grease fittings on the truck. ExcaliburArmy has these for $2 USD but will not ship to the U.S. ... sehead.jpg

My mechanical fuel pump is weak and I need to buy a replacment. I need the small delivery pump....not the injection pump. Good new MotorPal pumps are selling for $45 USD (Excalibur has these and other dealers) there but as always the surplus parts dealers will not ship to the U.S.???? :( ... e034-1.jpg

I sure would appreciate any help that any of you can give me in obtaining these parts for my truck! :)
I can send funds to your account and reimburse you for your effort!

Both my Jesterka and I thank you for any help!!!! =D

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